Refund Policy

Digital Products are not eligible for a refund, once purchased. After payment customers will receive one or more emails with a Product Key to unlock one or more of our products.

If you've never used your purchased license voucher(s) (this means: not redeemed for a certain car), you can ask for a refund within a 14-Day period. We will check usage of the code, invalidate it and issue a refund within 3 working days. Refunds are only possible through the payment method initally used for purchase.

A refund can only be claimed by the initial buyer within that period and not by a third party. If technical issues arise with one of our products, please contact to rectify. Technical issues outside of the scope of RBT TUNING do not qualify for a refund.


All Voucher Codes will be offered as instant download (PDF File) after payment, as well as sent through e-Mail to the customer. Please contact us at with your Invoice# if you did not receive your code(s).

License vouchers are to be redeemed directly inside xHP Flashtool or xDelete. You first have to connect to your car and save its data on to your device, before a Code can be used. The items will be mapped (locked) to your Account and to your Vehicle. 

Voucher Codes are valid for 12 months after purchase. However,  RBT TUNING reserves the right to change products, parts of products or product combinations at any future time without further notice. Customers won't be able to claim (partial-) refunds because of a change in regards to the aforementioned categories.

Yes, you can resell your code, as long as it has not been redeemed. Whoever redeems the code, becomes the legal owner of the connected License. Codes can only be redeemed once.

Yes. All items bought in the Shop are valid for a single vehicle. You can order up to 5 Licenses per purchase transaction.

Please use the Vehicle Finders on our respective websites: and