xHP Custom Map Service

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With this option, you will be contacted by our engineering team to set up everything on your gearbox just the way you want it. Not only will we give you advice and support on our built-in customisation options, but you can also discuss your needs directly with our mappers to create your own personal map. We take a deep dive into your transmissions' adptation data and fine-tune pressures, timings, fill rates, torque interventions, blips and more. The end result is a unique map, tailored to the condition of your car and your specific requirements. The service is currently only available for 6-speed cars, but will be extended to 8-speed and DCT cars in the near future.

With purchase you get:
  • A Custom-Map tailored to your needs and based on the wear condition of your transmission.
  • You will be serviced by our in-house mapping engineers to create your personal tune and get the best out of your transmission.
  • You can choose any of our OTS maps or the stock file as a starting point.
  • The modifications offered are almost limitless. You can mix and match features from different OTS maps, request special behaviour in certain situations, features for drag/trackday racing, mapping for modified rear ratios, aftermarket clutch kits and much more. Our engineers will be happy to advise on possible modifications and guide you through the whole process.
  • Purchase includes pre-discussed custom mapping with a maximum of 5 revisions.
  • Please don't forget to purchase the Flash licence as well. (required to apply the custom map)
  • Support is available in English and German. 
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We use a huge fleet of BMW cars, from early 6-speed cars to the latest 8HP3G cars such as the Toyota Supra, M4 G8x or M8 Competition, to develop and improve our setups. Every setup is developed on the road in real driving conditions.  Cities, motorways, country roads, mountains and race tracks... it's all close at hand and crucial for testing. Our goal is always to make a car more fun to drive, in every situation. Literally millions of miles already driven with our setups are the best proof of the reliability of our setups and the durability of the best ZF & Getrag Auto transmissions used by BMW!

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