xHP Dealer Credit Pack (incl. 3 Licenses and Map Packs)

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  • ATTENTION: Credits are ONLY valid for registered xHP Dealers. Please make sure to use same email for xHP Pro and purchase in Shop! Credits can only be added automatically to your account if same email was given.
  • Includes 3 Licenses/Map-Packs (1 Credit = 1 License + 1 Map Pack)
  • Quantity Discount applies: 15% from 4 Pcs
  • Licenses will be added to and consumed through your xHP Pro Account automatically approx. 15 minutes after payment.
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  • Strictly NON REFUNDABLE purchase!
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  • Enables unlimited flashing for a single Vehicle (VIN - Lock) with ZF6HP/ZF8HP Automatic or 7-Speed DCT Transmission. (335i, Z4 35i & F8x - Series) 
  • Includes all Customization Options for your BMW: Shiftpoint Editor, customize Launch Control, Torque Limiters, Throttle Blips and much more
  • Includes the Map-Pack with Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 maps
  • Enables to flash custom maps
  • See our Connect-Guide for Connect-Hardware matching your car!

One Credit Pack enables unlocking and flashing of 3 Vehicles in our xHP Flashtool Smartphone/Tablet App available for Android and iOS!

You can instantly flash the included OTS Tunes to your transmission or start to tweak your stock map with our built in custom functions. Through an easy to use interface you can alter Shift Points, Throttle Blips, Torque Limiters, Launch Control function, Gear Display and much more. All of those functions even work on our OTS Tunes, so you can further tailor everything to your liking!